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SRDCI Furnished Apartments can function as a temporary “home away from home” and ideal for business and leisure travelers intending to stay for longer periods. SRDCI Furnished Apartments are fully furnished apartments with a functional kitchen, providing a ‘homely feeling’, and better bonding time offered by living and dining spaces not normally offered in standard hotel settings.

4 persons can share the 2 bedroom apartments as opposed to booking several smaller hotel rooms. Unlike Hotels and Pension Houses, SRDCI Furnished Apartments reduce the number of luxuries in order to reduce costs.

We hope that SRDCI Furnished Apartments fit your needs here in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.



“Leaving everything behind”

Behind is not the only consideration when engaged on a vacation. In fact, the mind is not capable of such escape. How could a loving father leave his family while he travels nurturing leisure all by himself?

Jose Luis Sanagustin had the opportunity to spend vacation in Florida, USA, offering himself a break. Engaged in prior planning, he brought along his wife and children, the entire family at a least cost way below the average hotel rates but without compromising convenience, warmth of family bonding and daily household chores saving them plane baggage weight.

Mr. Sanagustin recalled, it was a family vacation not just a transient stay in a chosen location. Privacy was enjoyed but quality time together with the family was successfully achieved. The accommodation did this all for him – in a family vacation home “away from home”.

Back home in Bacolod City, Philippines, where Mr. Sanagustin grew, he thought of sharing the rare experience of “vacation homes” to visiting travelers. Thus, the birth of SRDCI where needs are accommodated for the entire family, greater

A Real Estate Professional

After retiring from the banking industry, Jose Luis Sanagustin became a licensed realtor in Bacolod City.