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Hans And Linda

His name was Hans (not his real name for conditions if anonymity). We Filipinos would easily conclude that he was German. Stocky, handsome, slightly balding. But still handsome. He was an Austrian plumber. His wife left him for another man because he.was always busy with a prospering profession as a plumber. So he sold his house and sought his happiness. First in Bangkok, then the Philippines.

He met her in one of Bacolod City’s night spots. Her name was Linda (not her real name too). Linda was 18, talkative, full of life, youthful and attractive.

Linda was perhaps looking for a generous father figure. Hans was very lonely and he was immediately captivated by Linda’s energy and non-stop banter.

They stayed at SRDCI Furnished Apartment’s Executive Suite. The refrigerator and cupboards were always filled with goodies and Austrian chocolates.

Alas, Hans and Linda did not finish their yearly contract. The relationship did not even blossom to a marriage. Perhaps it was the huge age gap. Lind missed going out with her friends in the evenings. Hans wanted just to stay on the couch with Linda watching telenovelas.

His lonely heart left Bacolod in search of a warm nest.

Hans loved our executive suite because of its well-appointed accommodations. According to him, the unit was arranged as though he would have arranged it himself and he appreciated the privacy. There was no over-crowding.

Recently, we got an email from Hans. He was vacationing from Austria and could we please arrange the executive suite for him. So we prepped up the unit for his eventual stay.