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Steve and Stella

His name was Steve (not his real names for conditions of anonymity) He was a young officer from the British Royal Navy. Her name was Stella (not her real name too).  She was a nurse at the Dubai London Clinic and Specialty Hospital.  They met there because Steve had to be treated. Not for a war related injury but from a dislocated shoulder coming from an extreme Dubai dune sport. 

Steve got captivated not so much because of Stella’s dusky looks, but more so because of her solicitous manners and her engaging smile.

Stella stayed at SRDCI Furnished Apartments upon the referral of her aunt who hails from Murcia, Negros Occidental.  They stayed with us so that the engaged couple can work out the legalities of their union before they wed and live in the U.K.

Steve appreciated SRDCI’s accommodations, especially the memory foam beds.

Stay tuned, we shall be posting more SRDCI Furnished Apartments Amazing Stories soon.